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Big Stone Beach Rescue
Big Stone Beach
Saturday, October 26, 2013

On Sat. Oct 26 Kent center alerted Sta 57 for a public asst. for 4 persons stuck off of Big Stone Beach in the state wild life area in the mud.57-01 and air boat 57 responded with fire fighter Robert Johnson and Capt. Mike Hignutt to the Milford neck wild life area to launch air boat 57 57-10 responded with fire fighter Matt McConaghy and ems officer Amber Burk to asst. with launch 57-10 was re directed to Big Stone Beach ,RD where they had a visual on the 4 persons advised Air Boat 57 they could see something out off in the distance Air Boat 57 mad way thru Mispillion River river to get across to bid stone beach to the four persons air boat 57 made contact with persons loaded onto air boat 57 and towed their vessel across to Big Stone Bch,RD.

Story By: CAPT. Mike Hignutt